The group room

Our group room is a cozy, high room with four dining tables (8-10 people per table). In this room you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks together. The large TV (85 inch) can be used for watching TV, pub quizzes, Netflix and much more. The connected Sonos bar ensures good sound quality. In addition, there is underfloor heating throughout the floor.

Play area

This play area has an 8ft pool table (from 12 years), a 7ft air hockey table and a football table. And of course all kinds of toys for the youngest, such as building blocks, a kitchen and a dollhouse.


The open kitchen has a cooking island with an induction hob (4 burners) on one side and a seating area on the other. The kitchen is fully equipped with an oven, a combination microwave, a beer tap, a large refrigerator and a fridge-freezer. You can also make coffee with the Animo coffee machine. In addition, there are two glass jugs of 1.8 liters.
In our adjacent rinsing kitchen there is a sink with pre-rinse shower and an industrial dishwasher (ready in 120 seconds).


Through the sliding doors in the group room you come out on the spacious terrace. This terrace has a view of the playground and the meadows.

Laundry service

Next to the entrance to the group room is a door to our launderette. In this small laundry room you have the possibility to do your laundry for free. There are two washing machines and two dryers.

Accessible for walker and wheelchair

The group room is easy to enter with a wheelchair or walker. It is also on the ground floor inside the group room. When guests who have difficulty walking come to stay overnight, we recommend cottage Simmertwirre or Reidkraach.

Spend the night

“Sleeping is traveling to the world of your dreams”